Natural sales calls that quickly build trust, generate leads and result in New Business.


Social Telemarketing; converting Social listening into brilliant sales leads.

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The team at Cheeky quickly grasped the Koncise story and Mimecast solution which directly contributed over £50k of additional revenue in the first 12 months – we could not recommend them more highly!
Ben Konopinski
We have been working with Cheeky for more than three years and I hope our partnership will last much longer. Cheeky helped us to make an important discovery that “listening” is possibly even more important than “talking” for effective business development!
Yana Drapkina
MD  - Education Index
I was astounded how well it worked- particularly on needs discovery, we approached customers completely cold and identified huge opportunities!
George Harvey
Owner  - Amaze Associates Ltd
In a crowded marketplace like ours, the more we know about a prospective customer, the more likely we are to win business. Cheeky has provided us with critical nuggets of information about prospects they have sourced, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Simon Hochhauser
Chief Executive  - Assuract Ltd (t/a Teliqo Direct)
Getting the prospects talking the way they do gets us into powerful conversations which deliver lasting business relationships. Cheeky are very squarely part of the Incite Insight sales team now and we look forward to our next campaign together
Marcus Harris
MD  - Incite Insight
Cheeky has provided invaluable help in expanding our customer base and learning about their needs in the process. I feel like they are working with us to better the business not just for us.
Kaspar Loog
CEO  - Browserbite
As a coaching and consulting company, we rely on trust and building relationships over time. Which is why traditional selling has never worked for us. Cheeky have revolutionised the way we think about business development, creating campaigns that are getting results.
Moyra Mackie
Cheeky have been able to deliver high-quality leads, whilst using our own CRM - so we have complete transparency. I would highly recommend them for B2B lead generation campaigns.
Matthew Ford
CTO & Co-Founder  - Bit Zesty
Cheeky Gorgonzola have proven themselves time and again at being adept at opening leads. Their approach is informed, polite without putting pressure on those whom they contact. I have confidence in giving Cheeky Gorgonzola a new service line and seeing first meetings in a short time through them.
Len Pannett
Director  - Visagio
The Cheeky Team, have driven a high-level of quality, qualified leads that we simply wouldn’t have been able to reach without their expertise and revolutionary business development techniques. The work undertaken has led to over 200 business cases hitting relevant buyer’s desks in a market notoriously difficult to sell into. A feat only afforded to us due to Cheeky’s unwavering desire to understand our business and the complexities of our service and the market.
Peter Price-Taylor
Managing Director  - Evolutio
'Cheeky are very experienced in the art of telesales, and clearly understand the importance of targeted communications. Happy with the results provided, but also that they are constantly looking to improve the service offered to deliver value for  clients. No hesitation in recommending their services.'
Caroline Wyatt
Marketing Director  - Bright Horse


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