Social Telemarketing -

3 Genius Telemarketing data ideas.

Get amazing results spending as little as 2 hours a week calling.

 1. Ex Customers who have changed Company.

An easy route to a warm and open conversation.  Don’t just draw the line at known Decision Makers remember people grow and those who were simply users of your product or service a couple of years ago could now have changed jobs and be Decision Makers.

 2. Newly appointed Decision Makers

You can tell a lot about someones intentions by delving in to their past.  If someone has a track record of driving change it is likely they have been brought in to their new role to do more of the same.  This presents a great opportunity to engage early and speak with them at a point where they are open to new ideas.

 3. Website Visitors

 Maximise on the value of your website by tracking visitors and outbound calling them.  You know there is likely to be a degree of interest and you can further develop the relationship.