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Outsourced Campaigns

•100% customised data: Profile the people you want to engage and our Smart Telemarketing Data Team will find them.

•Tele-researchers: Our South African based Tele-research Team cost effectively further refine your target prospects down to those who are receptive to your sales message, take calls and are interested in receiving introductory information.

•Sales messages that stand out: The simpler the better, our Chief Gorgonzola will help you shape sales messages that work.

•Super Meeting Bookers : All our Super Meeting Bookers have 10 plus years experience. They are the ideal resource to convert exciting leads in to sales meetings.

•Digital Integration:  Our Digital Director will work with you to blend online elements in to your Campaign such as In-Mails, Emails and PPC advertising.


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Our flexible resourcing model allows you to cost effectively access subject matter experts for every aspect of a Lead Generation Campaign from design to delivery.



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